Intrepid VRs meet Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer's Budget Speech in Reply

2015-5-13_Helen_Jane___CLIVE.jpgPictured with Clive Palmer are Helen Sutherland and Jane Timbrell representing the "Fair Go for Pensioners Coalition" at the Palmer United Party's Budget Speech in Reply at the Hyatt Hotel on 13 May 2015. 

Approximately 150 people from a wide range of national organisations were in attendance. The union movement was represented by Ged Kearney (President of the ACTU), Alex White (UnionsACT) and a number of CFMEU Members. Helen and Jane appeared to be the only guests representing retirees.

Clive gave a lively presentation reinforced with statistical overheads to support his contentions.  It was clear from his speech that Clive is concerned for ordinary working people and for the success of Australian business.



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